Celine Dion

Tribute Act

“Experience the authentic essence of Celine’s illustrious career.”

Introducing “This is Celine UK,” the ultimate theatrical tribute to the iconic queen of music, Celine Dion. Experience the authentic essence of Celine’s illustrious career, as this remarkable show takes you on a journey through decades of her greatest hits.

Led by the talented Leanne Love, who embodies the spirit of Celine Dion, the performance will transport you to the heart of Vegas, right into the front row of Caesars Palace. The band, comprising some of the UK’s most skilled musicians, will dazzle you with their exceptional artistry, showcasing their talents far and wide.

Prepare to be captivated by Leanne’s mesmerising tribute to one of the greatest music legends ever known. The show’s enchanting melodies and powerful performances will leave you spellbound, resonating with the timeless classics that have touched hearts around the world.

With songs like “My heart will go on,” “Think Twice,” “You’re the Voice,” and “That’s the Way It Is,” “This is Celine UK” promises an unforgettable musical experience that celebrates the legacy of Celine Dion. Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of one of the greatest icons in music history.


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